Brand Kinohimitsu


Kinohimitsu is an extensive range of nutraceutical products that focus on health related enhancement functional drinks dedicated to improve the human well-being.

Kinohimitsu is sold all over Asia in major pharmacies, departmental chains, supermarkets and hypermarket stores.

A team of scientists and passionate botanic health activists ventured into the rainforest in search of new plants and herbs and discovered a new network of positive energy and healing properties of plants that could benefit mankind. In the pursuit of a lifestyle inspired by the goodness of nature, this team successfully uncovered the secret of plant life and established Kinohimitsu.

All Kinohimitsu products possess nature-based extracts that is vital to nature’s self-regulating system. Focusing on Health and Beauty on the principal of holistic approach to improve human well-being, Kinohimitsu offers safe and effective consumption of natural products. Kinohimitsu improves your life without making any demands and intrusions on your time and energy, giving you the freedom to live a better life.

ある科学者と植物専門家が構成したチームは、新しい植物とハーブを求めて多雨林の中に冒険していました。そこである新種のネット状植物を発見しまし た。この植物は人類の体に不思議な治療能力をもちます。生活品質を追求する現代社会のため、このチームが植物の奥義を追求し、 Kinohimitsuブランドを立ち上げました。

すべてのKinohimitsu製品には、天然由来の成分を使用しております。自然のシステムに従ってレシピ-を組み,優しく人間の体の健康、美 容、代謝のため、日々努力をしています。Kinohimitsuはお客さんのため、より高品質の商品を提供する事を一生懸命頑張ります

Quality Assurance

Every time someone picks Kinohimitsu Products for their health, beauty needs, it is a testament of confidence. Product is thoroughly checked by health food regulatory agencies in North America, and is  Canada & USA regulatory compliance for Health Foods.

Manufacturers have GMP Certificate, HACCP.

We do our utmost to live up to this trust by ensuring that our ingredients, manufacturing processes and factory meet the stringent standards of governing bodies from all over the world. Our global users can thus choose our products, confident in the knowledge that they are certified safe for consumption.

Kinohimitsu is proud to be a Japan Association of International Food & Nutrition (AIFN) member of the 


Kinohimisu is partnered with The First Cosmetic in Canada to distribute the Kinohimitsu Product in Canada & USA market. We are guaranteed that the product are authentic and up to dated, the products are  Canada & USA regulatory compliance for Health Foods. 


Kinohimitsu Canada: 

The First Cosmetic : 55-3175 Rutherford Rd. Vaughan ON L4K 5Y6 Canada 

T: +1-647-685-8138 or T: +1-905-669-7638

Kinohimitsu Singapore: 

12 Tai Seng Street #06-03, Singapore 534118

T: +65-6281-3888